Daniel has been addicted to electronic gadgets and logic games since his childhood. As for programming, he got to know it when reading : «Games & Strategy». At that time, programming was limited to calculators but with only 8 figures and a great imagination you could have fun for hours. This hobby was to become his real passion. His really first computer is an Oric on which he started to experiment.

It was only later, with the Amstrad that he really launched himself into programming. He was surprised to find out that he could make money with it, which was far more pleasant than summer jobs in factories or week-end sales jobs. At the end of 1987, he applied for a job requiring a PC programmer in C. His profile didn't really fit the post but he didn't worry about it, applied anyway, and managed to convince his interviewers he was the one; he was hired by a company called Chip where he met Eric. It was the beginning of a strong friendship.

Some time later, as a freelancer, he became responsible for PC games at Delphine Software: «Future Wars», «Cruise for a Corpse», «Stealth Operation» and kept on working with Eric, notably for the PC version of «Out of this World». Therefore, when the development team of Heart of Darkness was formed, he was part of the adventure. If you ask him now how he coped with this production, he'll tell you that during the first three years he put on two kilos a month; work it out !

Happily, to get rid of stress, he knows some tricks such as interminable Warcraft games on the net, friendly battles with his cat that help him to acquire special reflexes for squash.
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