Fabrice is a real Jack-of-all-trades. Having passed his A-Level in electronics, he registered with a temping agency and did a number of different jobs. He even worked as a fireman for a while.

Fond of comics -especially Moebius- of parties and movies, he also wrote from time to time some pirate game pages and spent a lot of his free time sculpting and drawing. But what he loves over all, is music and singing. When he was 13, he had already been on the stage with his brother and only a few years later, he was singing in a pop-rock band at the Festival in Bourges. He has even been on TV!

From time to time, he worked with Frederic, his childhood friend, for example for «Puffy's saga», his very first game. Until the day when Fred asked him to come to reinforce the team of «Flashback».

This was how he turned up at Delphine Software as an artist and a composer. Some months later, he became part of the newly formed team of «Heart of Darkness»
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