Born in Saigon in South Vietnam forty years ago, Christian is the « grand-pa » of the group. He's crazy about surfing and motorbikes. Fond of comic-strips and above all of Moebius, he studied art at the Charpentier Academy.

After having worked in various advertising agencies, making designs and doing graphic art, he needed some fresh air···

He bought an Amiga just to have a look, and ended up enjoying making drawings with it. One day, he sent one of his creations, a moveable surfer on the screen , to Delphine Software and that was that : he was hired by the company.

He has now been designing graphics on computer for seven years and he still adores it. He was involved in « Cruise for a corpse » and « Flashback ». He has been one of the core members of the Heart of Darkness team since the beginning.
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