Frédéric got involved in video games when he was very young. When he was 14, he did a lot of little jobs to be able to afford his first computer. Being so wrapped up in his passion for games, he did not devote very much time to his studies and during the final year, he left school and entered Ubisoft. He was only 18 but he knew exactly what he wanted : "What I enjoy the most is messing about with a computer".

Having grown up on Disney style cartoons, he was crazy about cinema. His laser disc collection would turn a lot of people green with envy. He shared that keen interest with his elder brother who worked in the cartoon industry before becoming a storyboarder in advertising. He even studied at a cinema school to be a film maker. He loves seeing the sparkle and the amazement in children's eyes as they come out of the cinema. Creating dreams, that is his true vocation! And in video games, he succeeds in totally expressing himself.

Whilst he was finishing «Flashback», he met Eric, who was putting the final touches to «Out of this World». Since that moment, they wanted to work together.

His fondest memory on the production of Heart of Darkness? The music recording with Bruce Broughton at London.
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