With his head in the clouds look, Eric Chahi, 30 years old, is the portrait of your typical video game designer. From behind his dried marrow collection, he has cultivated the boldest ideas for the most eagerly awaited game of the decade : Heart of Darkness.

Since his childhood, Eric has been a fan of video games and has frequently visited arcade game shops. Very early on when he decided to make video games for a living, he oriented himself towards electronics, convinced of finding therein the magic key for video games. As a member of the computer club of his maths teacher, he began to make little programs. As soon as the Oric appeared on the market, he bought it and embarked on a great adventure! In 1983, he sold his first games, «Carnival» and «Frog» to the French importer of Oric in exchange for computer material. Then, after other little games, including «The Sceptre of Anubis», he created «Doggy», his first game coded in assembler and published by Loriciel where a dog has to avoid hurdles on a rolling road.

A short time after, he acquired an Amstrad and programmed a free adaptation of the Commodore 64 game : «Infernal Runner». Then, while he was developing «The Pact», with graphics directly inspired from Amityville, he left school.

And here came a turning point : little by little, by polishing up his programming skills, he discovered a new interest: drawing. Thus, in 1988, he was hired as a graphic artist by Chip; it enabled him to get his hand on computer drawings and also to meet other video game addicts. A year after, he was still following the same path and worked freelance for Delphine Software to create original graphics for «Future Wars». Drawing, that new passion, took him away from programming, but in fact this it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. A different way of using polygons was growing in his mind.
An idea which was going to considerably improve the fluidity of animation and which would lead to a real movie atmosphere. Then, he immersed himself again in programming and after two years of development, when 24 years old, he carried out his project. It was the birth of «Out of this World/Another World» available worldwide on Amiga, Atari, and PC.

Stronger after this success, he decided in 1992, in collaboration with other authors, to throw himself into a bigger project : the «Heart of Darkness» adventure began.
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