With his cap firmly on his head, his red sneakers and his bandanna in the wind, Andy is a little boy much like any other little boy. His teacher despises him and his dog loves him. But what scares him most is the dark. Nothing unusual so far. However, Andy has a peculiar talent: in his shed he assembles ingenious machines and crazy robots, using the remains of an old toaster, adding a long-wave transmitter, the tube of a vacuum cleaner and some springs and bolts. All remote controlled through a computer he has knocked together. And it works, well almost!
Apart from his great inventiveness and vast knowledge of computing, Andy has other qualities: he is a little boy who still has a kind heart and immense courage. Resourceful, though a little naive and often unwary of danger, he wants to help his friends and trusts in his good luck. To rescue Whisky, he will take on the impossible, and in the heart of darkness, "impossible" means a whole new dimension...

Whisky is first and foremost a dog. But not just any dog. He's Andy's dog. They wear the same cap and love each other more than anything else. Whisky goes to school with Andy, waits for him until it is over, keeps guard outside his secret shed, sleeps in his room and eats everything Andy does not like.
In a nutshell, Whisky is the ideal dog. So of course, the day Whisky is kidnapped by the forces of darkness, Andy is bent on only one thing, getting him back.
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