Somewhere out there, down in one of those many small towns, lives a little boy called Andy. He is much like any other little boy: his teacher despises him and his dog loves him. But what scares him most is the dark.

One summer afternoon, while he is quietly observing an eclipse in the sky, a high-powered energy like a magnetic force, drags his pal, Whisky the dog, into an infernal spiral down to uttermost darkness. When the sun returns, Whisky is nowhere to be seen.

Andy, a clever little handyman inventing all sorts of things, keeps a cool head. In next to no time, he is ready for combat, determined to control his fear of the dark and rescue his dog from the heart of darkness.

Fitted out with his plasma cannon, his ray-beam helmet and his survival kit, he climbs on board his flying machine made of skateboards and spiral antennas.

He takes off, leaving his shed behind him, not knowing his destination or even whether he will be back some day...

Andy's quest begins with the task of fighting off hosts of monsters with flaming eyes, winged devils and ravenous demons.
Now, when the Master of Darkness notices that his Vicious Servant has mistakenly brought back a dog instead of a little boy, he flies into a fit of anger.

This sends tremours throughout the world of spectres, awakening the monsters dozing away there. The whole world is shaken up, causing the slightest little pebble to tremble. To get through this frightening world of mystic mazes, mysterious landscapes and cunning enemies, Andy fortunately discovers he has a power he can call on. And more importantly, he strikes up friendships with strange creatures. But will he be able to rescue Whisky?

Heart of Darkness, the land where your childhood nightmares come true...
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