Photo of this nerd PipSo you've probably heard mention of a boy named Pip around the site by now, most likely of how he's fixing up pages or something like that. But what is this all about?
Well, I'm just your average Canadian who happens to know a little bit about webdesign, and has a huge obsession with Heart of Darkness as you could probably tell by the fact that I'm dressed as Andy in the picture.

I remembered what the old Heart of Darkness site used to look like, and took it upon myself to bring it back online to show the world just how awesome the game is and how much I love it. Using what remained of archived content, I rebuilt the site to the best of my ability and bought a hosting plan to showcase the site on the internet. I was unable to get the original url and registered ".ca" instead.

As stated above, I am responsible for the return of the site, due to my massive obsession with the game. Truth is, the game holds a lot of emotional significance for me. Like Andy, I also suffer from nyctophobia, something that I never really got a lot of help with as a kid. Most people expect children to grow out of a fear of the dark, but I didn't, causing ridicule from family, adults, classmates, etc. Upon discovering the game, I became introduced to someone just like me, who through selfless acts of courage and bravery was able to overcome his fear and save his best friend. Naturally, I was hooked right from the get go.

The game is a work of art, that sadly got overlooked by the media, gaming journalism, and gamers alike. It was revolutionary and had gorgeous images, a magnificent music score, and an adorable concept and story. I consider it a huge injustice that the game didn't get the attention it deserved, especially since Amazing Studio worked so hard on it for about five years. I couldn't just let knowledge of the game die out, so I'm trying everything I can to bring Heart of Darkness back into the public eye so maybe there can be a digital remastering, a remake, a sequel, something of that nature. Even some merchandice would be awesome. *puppy-dog eyes*

Basically, that's it. I am the self-proclaimed "biggest fan" of Heart of Darkness, and just want to say thank you to Eric Chahi, Frédéric Savoir, Christian Robert, and the rest of Amazing Studio for creating something that would hold so much significance in my life. I'm currently working on the site by myself, so any help would be greatly appreciated. I can be reached by this Email Address so if you have anything to add or improve on the site feel free to send it my way.