SEPTEMBER 8, 1998!

(The fantastic Amazing Studio creation is now available to all audiences)

Tantrum, a division of Interplay Productions (NASDAQ:IPLY), announced today the release of Heart of Darkness™, the long awaited Amazing Studio creation that has turned the heads of major motion picture producers. This cinema style, E-rated action/adventure is available for the Sony PlayStation® console and Windows® 95/98 and Windows NT 4.0/5.0 based PC's. In their joint venture with Infogrames Multimedia, Tantrum/Interplay is publishing Heart of Darkness in North America and Infogrames has published the title in Europe.
Remaining regions have been split between the two companies. Interplay OEM, Inc., a subsidiary of Interplay Productions, has exclusive worldwide distribution rights to the OEM channel.

"We treated the development of Heart of Darkness like the development of an animated movie from beginning to end,"
stated Frederic Savoir, co-founding member of Amazing Studio.

"From developing a universally-appealing storyline to our treatment of sound, music and animation, we strived to achieve the best. The result of combining these elements with challenging and fun gameplay is a rich and timeless gaming experience for all ages."

As Andy, a young loner afraid of the dark, gamers begin the Heart of Darkness experience on the receiving end of a verbal lashing from an angry teacher.
Andy's narrow escape from punishment place him at the side of his best friend, a dog named Whisky. It isn't long before Whisky disappears and Andy is faced with the biggest challenge of his life.
He must climb, swing, twist, swim, and shoot through a fantastic and mysterious world of darkness to rescue Whisky and bring him home.

"Heart of Darkness truly takes gaming to a new level of sophistication,"
stated Alan Pavlish, executive producer and head of Interplay's Tantrum division.

"I've worked with Amazing Studio in the past and it has been a pleasure watching them continue to push the limits of the interactive gaming experience. The graphics are gorgeous and the gameplay is both challenging and fun. Heart of Darkness has what it takes to become a classic."

Heart of Darkness marks the first PlayStation title ever to be entirely done in 16 million colors. Amazing Studio's website,, is filled with the "cartoon" images and movies that give Heart of Darkness the feel of a true cinematic adventure.

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